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Susan Wickersham • Animal Communicator
Your Pet Wants To Talk, Let's Listen
Through my work, your pet has a chance to speak, providing insights
behind what they are thinking, which will assist them and you
to create a more loving relationship.
Let's Talk!
Kind Words from Pet Parents
  1. 1
    Su has talked to Louie many times in his life, all had important and meaningful outcomes. When Louie became very ill, I needed help to know if he was ready to pass. I contacted Su at a moment's notice. She confirmed he was ready. Su has also spoken to him twice after he passed. The messages from him are forever meaningful to me. Thank you Su, for listening to Louie for so many years and making a difference in all our lives. ~ Linda
  2. 2
    Su's chat with Grace discovered she didn't know what her job was, and she was fearful we wouldn't keep her. Su gave us some great tips and referrals. She proved her validity when she described Gracie's favorite thing was lying upside down a lap, stretched out on the couch! Su said we needed to be the alpha dogs. Grace is now calm and content; not defending the fence; no more biting or chewing. Su and her gifts have made a huge, positive impact in our lives! ~ Julie
  3. 3
    Thanks so much, Su, for communicating with Henry. This all makes so much sense. We were concerned he was missing the other cat, but now know he wants to be #1. I think in your communication he wanted to be king. And I always call him King Henry. Interesting stuff. You’re amazing and we appreciate your gift! ~ Beth
  4. 4
    When my darling Salony passed away in January, my whole world went numb and the initial shock gave way to despair like I’ve never known before. I searched the internet for answers and found you. I poured my heart out to you. After much discussion, you taught me I could open my heart to love again. You helped me through my darkest hour and guided me towards happiness even though you didn't know me.Thank you for being such a wonderful source of hope and support at a time in my life when I felt completely lost. ~ Rashmi
  5. 5
    I just wanted to say that I truly was pleased with your reading of Spirit. I am always skeptical and have too often seen people “hear” what they think they should or interpret the information through their own bias. You seemed to purely listen, without judgement or filter. I must say, you impressed me. ~ Nina
  6. 6
    I was blown away that you received so much information from Lia. I had no idea Lia was feeling so fearful and conflicted. Since Su has spoken to her, plus counseled me on how to talk to her, she has been much more easy going, calm and happy. ~ Laura
I care about your pets
like they were one of my own.